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The influence of stage at diagnosis and molecular subtype on breast cancer patient survival: a hospital-based multi-center study
Tingting Zuo, Hongmei Zeng, Huichao Li, Shuo Liu, Lei Yang, Changfa Xia, Rongshou Zheng, Fei Ma, Lifang Liu, Ning Wang, Lixue Xuan and Wanqing Chen
National Office for Cancer Prevention and Control & National Central Cancer Registry, National Cancer Center/Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College

Stage at diagnosis and molecular subtype are important clinical factors associated with breast cancer patient survival. However, subgroup survival data from a large study sample are limited in China. To estimate the survival differences among patients with different stages and various subtypes of breast cancer, we conducted a hospital-based multi-center study on breast cancer in Beijing, China.
All resident patients diagnosed with primary, invasive breast cancer between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2010 from four selected hospitals in Beijing were included and followed up until December 31, 2015. Hospital-based data of stage at diagnosis, hormone receptor status, and selected clinical characteristics, including body mass index (BMI), menopausal status, histological grade, and histological type, were collected from the medical records of the study subjects. Overall survival (OS) and cancer-specific survival (CSS) were estimated. Cox proportional hazards models were employed to evaluate the associations of stage at diagnosis and molecular subtype with patient survival.
The 5-year OS and CSS rates for all patients were 89.4% and 90.3%. Survival varied by stage and molecular subtype. The 5-year OS rates for patients with stage I, II, III, and IV diseases were 96.5%, 91.6%, 74.8%, and 40.7%, respectively, and the corresponding estimates of 5-year CSS rates were 97.1%, 92.6%, 75.6%, and 42.7%, respectively. The 5-year OS rates for patients with luminal A, luminal B, HER2, and triple-negative subtypes of breast cancer were 92.6%, 88.4%, 83.6%, and 82.9%, respectively, and the corresponding estimates of 5-year CSS rates were 93.2%, 89.1%, 85.4%, and 83.5%, respectively. Multivariate analysis showed that stage at diagnosis and molecular subtype were important prognostic factors for breast cancer.
Survival of breast cancer patients varied significantly by stage and molecular subtype. Cancer screening is encouraged for the early detection and early diagnosis of breast cancer. More advanced therapies and health care policies are needed on HER2 and triple-negative subtypes.
Chinese Journal of Cancer   Epub date: 2017-10-25   doi:10.1186/s40880-017-0250-3   [ PDF Full-text ]   


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