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Prognosis of 980 patients with gastric cancer after surgical resection
Wei Wang, Yuan-Fang Li, Xiao-Wei Sun, Ying-Bo Chen, Wei Li, Da-Zhi Xu, Xuan-Xiang Guan, Chun-Yu Huang, You-Qing Zhan, Zhi-Wei Zhou
State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510060, P. R. China.
[Abstract] Background and Objective: Although surgery is the only possible means to cure gastric cancer, the prognosis is often discrepant. The American Joint Committee on Cancer / International Union against Cancer (AJCC/UICC) published the TNM classification of Malignant Tumors (seventh edition) for gastric cancer recently. This study aimed to use this new edition staging system to investigate the prognostic factors for gastric cancer. Methods: The clinicopathologic data of 980 patients with gastric cancer treated by surgical resection in our hospital between January 2000 and December 2006 were analyzed retrospectively. The overall survival rate was determined by using Kaplan-Meier method and log-rank test was used to determine significance. The prognosis was analyzed using univariate analysis and multivariate analysis with the Cox proportional hazards model. The 6th and 7th edition AJCC/UICC TNM staging systems were used to compare the survival outcomes for the cohort of patients. Results: The overall 1-, 3-, 5-year survival rates for the whole group were 82.5%, 58.7%, and 52.6%. The 5-year survival rates for patients with pTNM stage I, II, III, and IV disease classified by the 7th edition staging system were 93.2%, 72.4%, 39.1%, and 5.2%, respectively. In both univariate analysis and Cox multivariate analysis, age, tumor site, tumor size, histological type, resection type, radical resection, lymphatic/venous invasion, depth of invasion, nodal status, metastasis, retrieved lymph nodes, metastatic lymph node ratio, and adjuvant chemotherapy were prognostic factors with these patients. Conclusion: Compared with the 6th edition system, the new edition of TNM staging system for gastric cancer can accurately predict the survival after operation.
Chinese Journal of Cancer 2010, Volume: 29, Issue 11, Page: 923-930
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