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Volume:36 Issue:3   2017

Explorations on cancer metastasis in recent years have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge on the molecular mechanisms underlying the spread of different types of malignancies. Membranous protein C44, long been recognized as a stem cell marker, is the receptor of serglycin. Serglycin is a glycoprotein encoded by SEGN, possessing pro-metastatic function in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and breast cancer. Both CD44 and SRGN are listed among the 150 important pro-metastatic genes (for more information, please read the paper on pages 112-120 of this CJC issue). The elevated tumor CD44 mRNA expression level correlates with unfavorable prognosis of patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma. In this cover feature, of clear cell renal cell carcinoma, CD44 protein is immunohistochemically stained in a brown color. Notably, CD44 is highly expressed in the invasive margin of cancer nests, indicating its close relationship with more aggressive cancer behaviors. (The cover feature is provided by Dr. Chao-Nan Qian)

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