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Volume:33 Issue:11   2014

Fifty years ago, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) was discovered by electron microscopy of cells cultured from Burkitt lymphoma. The roles of EBV in multiple malignancies have then been intensively investigated. In this special issue of Chinese Journal of Cancer (CJC), 5 papers as well as one editorial article focusing on EBV and cancer summarize and discuss most of the related findings in the last 50 years of EBV history. More articles on this topic will be published in the CJC December issue of 2014.

The cover feature for this special issue depicts an electron micrograph of the EBV virion displaying the typical icosahedral herpesviruses capsid embedded within a schematic representation of the episomal EBV genome. Transcription of the EBV latent genes is superimposed on the viral episome. For more details, please read the articles in this special issue of CJC. (The original cover art is provided by Lawrence S. Young).

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