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Nov. 2012; Volume 31 Issue 11

In November 2005, the first oncolytic virus, a genetically modified adenovirus, named H101 by Shanghai Sunway Biotech, gained regulatory approval from China's State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) for the treatment of head and neck cancer.

Conference Report
The USCACA hosted symposiums at the 7th CACA annual meeting and the 15th CSCO annual meeting in Beijing
Michael Shi, Wancai Yang, Pascal Qian, Li Yan
[ Abstract  2755]   [ PDF Full-text  2949]     [ HTML PMC ]  Page: 505-506  Epub: 2012-11-1  doi: 10.5732/cjc.012.10260
Chemical proteomics: terra incognita for novel drug target profiling
Fuqiang Huang, Boya Zhang, Shengtao Zhou, Xia Zhao, Ce Bian, Yuquan Wei
[ Abstract  3360]   [ PDF Full-text  4131]     [ HTML PMC ]  Page: 507-518  Epub: 2012-5-23  doi: 10.5732/cjc.011.10377
Original Article
Repressing malic enzyme 1 redirects glucose metabolism, unbalances the redox state, and attenuates migratory and invasive abilities in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines
Fang-Jing Zheng, Hao-Bin Ye, Man-Si Wu, Yi-Fan Lian, Chao-Nan Qian, Yi-Xin Zeng
[ Abstract  3154]   [ PDF Full-text  3464]     [ HTML PMC ]  Page: 519-531  Epub: 2012-11-1  doi: 10.5732/cjc.012.10088
Efficacy of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation versus conventional chemotherapy on anaplastic large-cell lymphoma:a retrospective study of 64 patients from a single center
Xiao-Hui He, Bo Li, Shuang-Mei Zou, Mei Dong, Sheng-Yu Zhou, Jian-Liang Yang, Li-Yan Xue, Sheng Yang, Peng Liu, Yan Qin, Chang-Gong Zhang, Xiao-Hong Han, Yuan-Kai Shi
[ Abstract  3198]   [ PDF Full-text  3498]     [ HTML PMC ]  Page: 532-540  Epub: 2012-8-2  doi: 10.5732/cjc.011.10418
SPARC expression and prognostic value in non-small cell lung cancer
Yan Huang, Jing Zhang, Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Wei Jiang, Cong Xue, Fei Xu, Hong-Yun Zhao, Yang Zhang, Li-Ping Zhao, Zhi-Huang Hu, Zhi-Wen Yao, Qian-Yong Liu, Li Zhang
[ Abstract  3179]   [ PDF Full-text  5255]     [ HTML PMC ]  Page: 541-548  Epub: 2012-10-10  doi: 10.5732/cjc.012.10212
Solid neuroendocrine breast carcinoma: mammographic and sonographic features in thirteen cases
Jing Wu, Qiu-Xia Yang, Yao-Pan Wu, De-Ling Wang, Xue-Wen Liu, Chun-Yan Cui, Ling Wang, Yao Chen, Chuan-Miao Xie, Rong Zhang
[ Abstract  4551]   [ PDF Full-text  5396]     [ HTML PMC ]  Page: 549-556  Epub: 2012-5-23  doi: 10.5732/cjc.011.10370

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