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Aug. 2011; Volume 30 Issue 8

Researchers clone the gene for telomerase, an enzyme believed to be specific for cancer cells, which is reported in the August 15, 1997 issue of Science. The discovery of the gene that directs the activity of telomerase could be an important discovery for researchers developing new treatments for cancer.

Conference Report
Outsmarting cancer: an international brainstorm in Guangzhou
Chao-Nan Qian, Wei Zhang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  2804]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 505-507    Epub: 2011-8-1
Metabolic alterations in cancer cells and therapeutic implications
Naima Hammoudi, Kausar Begam Riaz Ahmed, Celia Garcia-Prieto, Peng Huang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  6513]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 508-525    Epub: 2011-8-1
Mitochondria in cancer: at the crossroads of life and death
Vanessa C. Fogg, Nathan J. Lanning , Jeffrey P. MacKeigan
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  6462]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 526-539    Epub: 2011-8-1
The expression and functions of microRNAs in pancreatic adenocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma
Wei Li, Drake G. LeBrun, Min Li
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  5046]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 540-550    Epub: 2011-8-1
Lung carcinoma signaling pathways activated by smoking
Jing Wen, Jian-Hua Fu, Wei Zhang, Ming Guo
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3868]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 551-558    Epub: 2011-8-1
Original Article
Safety and immunogenicity of human papillomavirus-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted vaccine in healthy Chinese females aged 15 to 45 years: a phase I trial
Feng-Cai Zhu, Chang-Gui Li, Hong-Xing Pan, Yi-Ju Zhang, Dan Bi, Hai-Wen Tang, Sanjoy Datta
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3251]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 559-564    Epub: 2011-8-1
Treatment outcomes for different subgroups of nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients treated with intensity-modulated radiation therapy
Sheng-Fa Su, Fei Han, Chong Zhao, Ying Huang, Chun-Yan Chen, Wei-Wei Xiao, Jia-Xin Li, Tai-Xiang Lu
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3662]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 565-573    Epub: 2011-8-1
Telomerase reverse transcriptase promoter-driven expression of iodine pump genes for targeted radioiodine therapy of malignant glioma cells
Jian Tan, Wei Li, Peng Wang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3116]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 574-580    Epub: 2011-8-1

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