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About the cover
Mar. 2011; Volume 30 Issue 3
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Mouse models for cancer research
Wei Zhang, Lynette Moore, Ping Ji
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4353]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 149-152    Epub: 2011-3-1
Animal models of melanoma: a somatic cell gene delivery mouse model allows rapid evaluation of genes implicated in human melanoma
Andrea J. McKinney, Sheri L. Holmen
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3375]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 153-162    Epub: 2011-3-1
Oncogene interactions are required for glioma development and progression as revealed by a tissue specific transgenic mouse model
Lynette M. Moore, Kristen M. Holmes, Gregory N. Fuller, Wei Zhang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4474]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 163-172    Epub: 2011-3-1
Clinical microdialysis in neuro-oncology: principles and applications
J. Clay Goodman
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3778]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 173-181    Epub: 2011-3-1
Advancement and prospects of tumor gene therapy
Chao Zhang, Qing-Tao Wang, He Liu, Zhen-Zhu Zhang, Wen-Lin Huang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4543]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 182-188    Epub: 2011-3-1
Original Article
Pre-osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells promote breast cancer growth in bone in a murine xenograft model
Thomas M. Bodenstine, Benjamin H. Beck, Xuemei Cao, Leah M. Cook, Aimen Ismail, J.Kent Powers, Andrea M. Mastro, Danny R. Welch
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4344]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 189-196    Epub: 2011-3-1
Trends in outpatient breast cancer surgery among Medicare fee-for-service patients in the United States from 1993 to 2002
John Bian, Michael T. Halpern
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  2508]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 197-203    Epub: 2011-3-1
Correlation of Skp2 overexpression to prognosis of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma from South China
Hui-Min Xu, Yi Liang, Qiong Chen, Qi-Nian Wu, Yun-Miao Guo, Guo-Ping Shen, Ru-Hua Zhang, Zhi-Wei He, Yi-Xin Zeng, Fang-Yun Xie, Tie-Bang Kang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4663]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 204-212    Epub: 2011-3-1
Cost-benefit analysis of screening for esophageal and gastric cardiac cancer
Wen-Qiang Wei, Chun-Xia Yang, Si-Han Lu, Juan Yang, Bian-Yun Li, Shi-Yong Lian, You-Lin Qiao
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3179]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 213-218    Epub: 2011-3-1

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