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Jun. 2010; Volume 29 Issue 6
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Original Article
A liver-metastatic model of human primary gastric lymphoma in nude mice orthotopically constructed by using histologically intact patient specimens
Bo Yang , Shuai Tuo, Chao-Wei Tuo, Ning Zhang , Qiu-Zhen Liu
[ PDF Full-text  2197 ]     [ PubMed ]
Expression and clinical significance of androgen receptor in triple negative breast cancer
Xiang Luo, Yan-Xia Shi, Zhi-Ming Li, Wen-Qi Jiang
[ PDF Full-text  4977 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of imatinib and 5-bromotetrandrine on the reversal of multidrug resistance of the K562/A02 cell line
Bao-An Chen, Xue-Yun Shan , Jian Chen, Guo-Hua Xia , Wen-Lin Xu , Michael Schmit
[ PDF Full-text  2335 ]     [ PubMed ]
Serum alpha-fetoprotein measurement in predicting clinical outcome related to autologous cytokine-induced killer cells in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergone minimally invasive therapy
Chang-Chuan Pan, Zi-Lin Huang, Wang Li , Ming Zhao, Qi-Ming Zhou, Jian-Chuan Xia, Pei-Hong Wu
[ PDF Full-text  3037 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of microRNA-29 family members on proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer cell lines
Nan Lang , Ming Liu , Qiu-Lin Tang, Xi Chen, Zhen Liu, Feng Bi
[ PDF Full-text  2952 ]     [ PubMed ]
A novel immunotherapy for superficial bladder cancer by the immobilization of streptavidin-tagged bioactive IL-2 on the biotinylated mucosal surface of the bladder wall
Xin Huang, Hong-sheng Yu , Zhong Chen , Jin-Long Li, Zhi-Ming Hu, Ji-Min Gao
[ PDF Full-text  2275 ]     [ PubMed ]
Method and Technology
The angular dependence of a 2-dimensional diode array and the feasibility of its application in verifying the composite dose distribution of intensity-modulated radiation therapy
Qi-Lin Li, Xiao-Wu Deng , Li-Xin Chen, Xiao-Yan Huang, Shao-Min Huang
[ PDF Full-text  2091 ]     [ PubMed ]
Advancements on the zebrafish glioma model
Dong Li, Kou Peng , Yi Li, Ying Peng
[ PDF Full-text  2179 ]     [ PubMed ]
Development of the research on the application of chlorotoxin in imaging diagnostics and targeted therapies for tumors
Xiao-Shan Wu , Xin-Chun Jian , Bing Yin , Zhi-Jing He
[ PDF Full-text  2863 ]     [ PubMed ]
Case Report
Synovial sarcoma: a rare presentation of parapharyngeal mass
Shaariyah Mohd Mokhtar, Mazita Ami, Masaany Mansor , Razif Mohd Yunus , Isa Mohamed Rose, Asma Abdullah
[ PDF Full-text  4164 ]     [ PubMed ]
Primary cutaneous marginal zone B-cell lymphoma with amyloid deposition: report of two cases with review of literature
Hai-Yan Zhang , An-Li Liu, Ling-sheng Zhou, Miao-Xia He, Jian-Xin Wang
[ PDF Full-text  2747 ]     [ PubMed ]

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