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Dec. 2010; Volume 29 Issue 12
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Original Article
Leukemic stromal hematopoietic microenvironment negatively regulates the normal hematopoiesis in mouse model of leukemia
Pratima Basak, Sumanta Chatterjee, Prosun Das, Madhurima Das, Jacintha Archana Pereira, Ranjan Kumar Dutta, Malay Chaklader, Samaresh Chaudhuri, Sujata Law
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3525]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 969-979    Epub: 2010-12-1
A cell-based screen for anticancer activity of 13 pyrazolone derivatives
Xiao-Hong Wang, Xiao-Kun Wang, Yong-Ju Liang, Zhi Shi, Jian-Ye Zhang, Li-Ming Chen, Li-Wu Fu
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  6485]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 980-987    Epub: 2010-12-1
Role of DJ-1-induced PTEN down-regulation in migration and invasion of human glioma cells
Mao Fang, Xue-Yun Zhong, Bin Du, Chen-Li Lin, Feng Luo, Li-Juan Tang, Juan Chen
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3374]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 988-994    Epub: 2010-12-1
Oncological outcome of surgical treatment in 336 patients with renal cell carcinoma
Zhi-Ling Zhang, Yong-Hong Li, Yong-Hong Xiong, Guo-Liang Hou, Kai Yao, Pei Dong, Zhuo-Wei Liu, Hui Han, Zi-Ke Qin, Fang-Jian Zhou
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3979]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 995-999    Epub: 2010-12-1
Polymorphisms of Epstein-Barr virus BHRF1 gene,a homologue of bcl-2
Yong-Zheng Jing, Yun Wang, Yu-Ping Jia, Bing Luo
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  2934]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 1000-1005    Epub: 2010-12-1
Inhibitory effects of miRNA-200c on chemotherapy-resistance and cell proliferation of gastric cancer SGC7901/DDP cells
Yong Chen, Jing Zuo, Ying Liu, Hong Gao, Wei Liu
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  5161]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 1006-1011    Epub: 2010-12-1
The cultivation and identification of tumor stem cells from neuroblastoma derived tumor spheres
Qiu-Xia Liu, Jing-Yan Tang, Jiao-Yang Cai, Min-Zhi Yin, Ben-Shang Li
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3917]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 1012-1017    Epub: 2010-12-1
Comparison of the autofluorescence bronchoscope and the white light bronchoscope in airway examination
Yun Li, Xiao Li, Xi-Zhao Sui, Liang Bu, Zu-Li Zhou, Fan Yang, Yan-Guo Liu, Hui Zhao, Jian-Feng Li, Jun Liu, Guan-Chao Jiang, Jun Wang,,,
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4694]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 1018-1022    Epub: 2010-12-1
Case Research
One patient with metastastic colorectal cancer successfully treated by combination of targeted agents after failure of chemotherapy
Liang-Ping Xia, Pei-Hong Wu, Jian-Chuan Xia, Bei Zhang, Zhong-Zhen Guan, De-Sen Wan, Gui-Fang Guo, Yi-Xin Zeng
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3515]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 1023-1028    Epub: 2010-12-1
Synchronous occurrence of extramedullary plasmacytoma and squamous cell carcinoma in situ in the larynx: a case report
Xiao-Li Zhang, Dai-Qiang Li, Jing-Jia Li, Shi-Sheng Li, Xin-Ming Yang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  2967]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 1029-1034    Epub: 2010-12-1

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