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Nov. 2010; Volume 29 Issue 11
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Adjuvant interferon therapy for malignant melanoma:the debate
Qiang Zhou, Xiao-Shi Zhang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3325]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 907-913    Epub: 2010-11-1
Original Article
Using CT imaging to delineate the prostatic apex for radiation treatment planning
Xiao-Mei Li, Xian-Shu Gao, Xue-Mei Guo, Ya-Gang Li, Xiao-Ying Wang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  4394]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 914-922    Epub: 2010-11-1
Prognosis of 980 patients with gastric cancer after surgical resection
Wei Wang, Yuan-Fang Li, Xiao-Wei Sun, Ying-Bo Chen, Wei Li, Da-Zhi Xu, Xuan-Xiang Guan, Chun-Yu Huang, You-Qing Zhan, Zhi-Wei Zhou
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  11622]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 923-930    Epub: 2010-11-1
Expression of BC047440 protein in hepatocellular carcinoma and its relationship to prognosis
Lu Zheng, Ping Liang, Jing Li, Xiao-Bing Huang, Wei-Wei Wang, Liang Wang, Huan Feng
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  2641]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 931-936    Epub: 2010-11-1
Relationship between traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and imaging characterization to the radiosensitivity of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Hong Bao, Jing Gao, Tao Huang, Zi-Ming Zhou, Bei Zhang, Yun-Fei Xia
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3192]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 937-945    Epub: 2010-11-1
Risk factors for acute kidney injury in patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Zheng-Ping Yu, Jia-Hua Ding, Bao-An Chen, Bi-Cheng Liu, Hong Liu, Yu-Feng Li, Bang-He Ding, Jun Qian
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3200]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 946-951    Epub: 2010-11-1
The recruitment of exogenous endothelial progenitor cells in lung tumor model of nude mice
Qiang Peng, Ming Liu, Shu-Min Song, Xian-Hua Li, Yi-Hua Du, Yong Zhi, Min-Yong Wang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  2874]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 952-958    Epub: 2010-11-1
Efficacy of concurrent chemoradiotherapy plus adjuvant chemotherapy on advanced cervical cancer
Shun Wang, Da-Shui Zhang, Tao Pan, Sha Liu, Ming-Kun Wang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3552]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 959-963    Epub: 2010-11-1
Case Research
Primary malignant bone neoplasm: a case report of dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma in the rib and review of the literature
Jin-Rong Lin, Wei-Min Zhang, Zhuo-Cai Wang
[ Abstract]    [ PDF Full-text  3143]     [ PubMed ]   Page: 964-968    Epub: 2010-11-1

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