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Colerectal Cancer-related Research
Epidemiologic trend of and strategies for colorectal cancer
De-Sen Wan
[ PDF Full-text  1587 ]     [ PubMed ]
Prognosis of rectal cancer patients after total mesorectal excision
Zhi-Zhong Pan, Pei-Rong Ding, De-Sen Wan,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1465 ]     [ PubMed ]
Prognostic analysis of 443 cases of stage II colorectal cancer and the value of adjuvant chemotherapy
Zhong-Guo Zhou, Zhi-Zhong Pan ,De-Sen Wan,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1463 ]     [ PubMed ]
Efficacy of FORFIRI regimen on oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy-failed advanced colorectal cancer
Yu-Hong Li, Feng-Hua Wang, Dong-Sheng Zhang ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1721 ]     [ PubMed ]
Multivariate analysis of clinicopathologic factors correlated with pathological complete response following preoperative radiotherapy in rectal adenocarcinoma
Jun-Zhong Lin ,Zhi-Zhong Pan, Zhi-Fan Zeng ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1464 ]     [ PubMed ]
Risk factors related to lymph node metastases after neoadjuvant therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer
Zhi-Fan Zeng ,Pei-Rong Ding, Zhi-Zhong Pan ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1427 ]     [ PubMed ]
Relationship between body mass index and colon cancer
Mei-Chun Zheng, Ling-Heng Kong, Zhen-Hai Lu ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1427 ]     [ PubMed ]
Correlation of chemosensitivity tested using histoculture drug response assay to expression of multidrug resistance genes and proteins in colorectal cancer tissues
Shu-Qiang Yuan ,Zhi-Wei Zhou, Yong-Ju Liang,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1623 ]     [ PubMed ]
Clinical significance of a transient increase in carcinoembryonic antigen and carbohydrate antigen 19-9 in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer receiving chemotherapy
Yu-Hong Li , Xin An ,Xiao-Juan Xiang,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1509 ]     [ PubMed ]
Expression and clinical significance of survivin and matrix metalloproteinase-7 in colon cancer
Guo-Qiang Wang, Zhen-Hai Lu, Yu-Jing Fang,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1611 ]     [ PubMed ]
Expression and clinical significance of metastasis-related tumor markers in colorectal cancer
Xiang-Bin Wan, Zhi-Zhong Pan, Ying-kun Ren,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1698 ]     [ PubMed ]
Basic Research
Subcellular localization of survivin in non-small cell lung cancer
Lang He, Mei Hou, Jie Zhang,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1299 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of energy controllable steep pulses on intracellular calcium concentration and cell membrane potential
Xiao-Jing Dong ,Li-Na Hu ,Yun-Shan Zhu,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1499 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effect of 5-Aza-dC on FHIT gene expression in hepatocellular carcinoma cell line HepG2
Hong-Li Li, Wei-Dong Zhang, Wen-Tong Li ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  3377 ]     [ PubMed ]
Experimental study of CT-guided percutaneous ethanol ablation in rabbit renal VX2 tumor
Wen-Quan Li, Jin-Hua Huang, Yang-Kui Gu,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1510 ]     [ PubMed ]
Clinical Research
Short-term efficacy of cetuximab combined with radiotherapy or chemotherapy on head and neck cancer: a report of 11 cases
Liang-Ping Xia, Bei Zhang, Mao-Zhen Liu,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1438 ]     [ PubMed ]
Correlation of multi-slice spiral CT features to clinicopathologic manifestations of gastrointestinal stromal tumor: a report of 49 cases
Shao-Han Yin, Chuan-Miao Xie, Yun-Xian Mo,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1449 ]     [ PubMed ]
Analysis of abdominal organ motion using four-dimensional CT
Mian Xi, Meng-Zhong Liu, Qiao-Qiao Li,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1517 ]     [ PubMed ]
Application of 18F-FDG PET/CT in cervical cancer with elevated levels of serum squamous cell carcinoma antigen during the follow-up
Ying-Ying Hu, Xin-Ru Sun, Xiao-Ping Lin,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1498 ]     [ PubMed ]
Research advancement and prospects of nanotechnology in early diagnosis and treatment of cancer
De-Hong Hu, Ping Gong, Yi-Fan Ma ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1537 ]     [ PubMed ]
Progress and prospects in cancer stem cell research for hepatocellular carcinoma
Wen Xu, Lu Cao , Zheng-Feng Yin
[ PDF Full-text  1764 ]     [ PubMed ]

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