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Aug. 2008; Volume 27 Issue 8 Content      中文目录

Molecular Target Therapy: a Milestone on the Road for Curing Cancer
ZENG Yi-Xin, ZHANG Xiao-Shi, LIU Quentin
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Basic Research
Effect of Starvation-induced Autophagy on Cell Cycle of Tumor Cells
GE Jun-Na, HUANG Dan ,XIAO Tian,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  5901 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of FRZB on Growth and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer Cell Line SGC-7901
QU Ying, LI Jian-Fang, CAI Qu,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1547 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of Epstein-Barr Virus Latent Membrane Protein 1 on Metastasis of Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cell Lines
OU Xiao-Bo ,CHEN Xiao-Yi ,WU Min-Hua,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1838 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of Mitoxantrone on the Activity of Human Protein Kinase CK2 Holoenzyme
LI Chun-Mei, LIU Xin-Guang ,LIN Xiao-Cong,et al.
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Effects of Trichostatin A and Paclitaxel on Apoptosis and Mitochondrial Membrane Potential of Human Endometrial Carcinoma Ark2 Cells
YANG Yan-Na, WANG Yan ,WANG Xing-Guang ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1705 ]     [ PubMed ]
Overexpressing Exogenous S100A13 Gene and Its Effect on Proliferation of Human Thyroid Cancer Cell Line TT
CAO Ren-Xian, TIAN Li-Na ,WEN Fang,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1840 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of Sodium Butyrate on Proliferation and Differentiation of Human Gastric Carcinoma Cell Line AGS
ZHUANG Ya-Qiong, LI Jian-Ying, CHEN Zhi-Xin ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  7134 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of Manumycin Combined with Methoxyamine on Apoptosis in Myeloid Leukemia U937 Cells
SHE Miao-Rong, GUO Kun-Yuan, NIU Xin-Qing ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1915 ]     [ PubMed ]
Observation on Myeloid Origin of Neovascular Endothelial Cells and Infiltration of Bone Marrow-originated Inflammatory Cells in A Murine Tumor Model
ZHOU Xi-Shan ,GAO Hui-Xia ,YAO Xiao-Jian ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1448 ]     [ PubMed ]
Clinical Research
Hepatic Intra-arterial Bio-chemotherapy for the Treatment of Melanoma Patients with Liver Metastasis: A Phase II Clinical Study
CUI Chuan-Liang, CHI Zhi-Hong, YUAN Xiang-Qing ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1723 ]     [ PubMed ]
Tracheal Stent Implantation for the Treatment of Tumor-induced Acute Airway Stenosis
MA Gang. ,WANG Dao-Fang., SU Quan-Guan.,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1336 ]     [ PubMed ]
Correlation of MRI Features to Histopathologic Grade of Soft Tissue Sarcoma
LIU Qing-Yu ,LI Hai-Gang ,CHEN Jian-Yu ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  2861 ]     [ PubMed ]
Diagnosis and Therapeutics of 24 Cases of Pulmonary Sclerosing Hemangioma
SITU Dong-Rong, LONG Hao, MA Guo-Wei ,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1469 ]     [ PubMed ]
Occurrence and Influencing Factors of Paranasal Sinusitis in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients after Radiotherapy
YUAN Tai-Ze, GUO Xiang, ZHENG Lie,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  3289 ]     [ PubMed ]
Effects of the Lung Protective Ventilatory Strategy on Proinflammatory Cytokine Release During One-lung Ventilation
LIN Wen-Qian ,LU Xiao-Yun ,CAO Long-Hui,et al.
[ PDF Full-text  1400 ]     [ PubMed ]
Expression and Clinical Significance of A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease 8 (ADAM8) and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
WU Guo-Cheng, HU Hua-Cheng, SHI Min-Hua
[ PDF Full-text  1380 ]     [ PubMed ]
Correlation of Fever to Infection in Patients with Chemotherapy-induced Neutropenia
RUAN Yan-Ping ,ZHANG Wen-Ying
[ PDF Full-text  3982 ]     [ PubMed ]
Can Defective TGF-&bgr; Signaling Be an Achilles Heel in Human Cancer
Foster David A.,Gadir Noga
[ PDF Full-text  1229 ]     [ PubMed ]
Recent Developments in Radiation Oncology-Integrating Radiation Physics and Molecular Radiobiology Advances into Clinical Radiotherapy Practice and Beyond
Teh Bin S ,Paulino Arnold , Butler E Brian
[ PDF Full-text  2669 ]     [ PubMed ]
Significance of Forkhead Box m1b (Foxm1b) Gene in Cell Proliferation and Carcinogenesis
TANG Shuang-Yi ,JIAO-Yang LI ,Le-Qun
[ PDF Full-text  1618 ]     [ PubMed ]

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