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May 2007; Volume 26 Issue 5 Content      中文目录

The Role of Radiofrequency Ablation in Treating Small Hepatocellular Carcinoma
CHEN Min-Shan, LI Jin-Qing ,ZHANG Yao-Jun
Preparation of Functional Antibodies Targeting Tumor Endothelia for the Treatment of Hepatic Carcinoma
HU Hai, RAN Yu-Liang ,YU Long ,et al.
Expression and Clinical Significance of COX-2, p-Stat3, and p-Stat5 in Esophageal Carcinoma
LIU Jun-Ru, WANG Yuan ,ZUO Lian-Fu ,et al.
Correlations of Polymorphisms in Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 and -7 Promoters to Susceptibility to Brain Astrocytoma
LU Zhong-Qiang ,WANG Yi-Min, CAO Yan-Yan,et al.
Biological Mechanism of Full-length Form of Spleen Tyrosine Kinase Regulating Gene Transcription in Breast Cancer Cells
WANG Lei, HU Ying ,YANG Zu-Li,et al.
Correlation of Ca2+ Current Features of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells with Different Metastatic Potentiality to Their Moving Abilities
LIU Shu-Jing, TIAN Dao-Fa ,HE Ying-Chun,et al.
Expression and Significance of P16INK4A and PTEN in High-risk Human Papillomavirus-related Cervical Cancer
ZHAO Xian-Lan, CHENG Shu-Xia, KONG Xiang-Dong
Etiologic Correlations of Prostate Cancer in Guangdong, China to Family History of Cancers, and Sexual and Marital Factors---A Case-control Study
LIANG Cai-Hua, LIU Qing, ZHOU Fang-Jian,et al.
Effect of 14-3-3&sgr; on Transcriptional Activity of p73 Gene
SANG Mei-Xiang, GENG Cui-Zhi ,SHAN Bao-En
Cloning and Expression of Recombinant Mitochondrial &Dgr;1-120 Apoptosis-inducing Factor and Its Enhancive Effect on Apoptosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line SMMC-7721
FU Yu-Rong, YI Zheng-Jun ,YAN Yu-Rong,et al.
Effect of Metastasis Suppressor Gene KAI1 on Adhesion of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line MHCC97-H
YU You, HAN De-En ,LIU Wei
Effect of Lipopolysaccharide on Antitumor Activity of Mouse Kupffer Cells In Vitro
ZHOU Zhi-Wei, WAN De-Sen ,SUN Xiao-Dong ,et al.
Diffusion Weighted Imaging Features of Normal Uterine Cervix and Cervical Carcinoma
ZHANG Yun, LIANG Bi-Ling ,GAO Li,et al.
Application of Interstitial Brachytherapy via Parapharynx Involvement Transnasal Approach to Enhance Dose in Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
CHEN Ming-Yuan, CAO Xin-Ping, SUN Rui ,et al.
Two Patterns of Mediastinal Lymph Node Resection for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer of Stage IIIA: Survival Analysis of 219 Cases
ZHANG Guo-Qing, HAN Feng, GAO Sheng-Li,et al.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Intrahepatic Biliary Cystadenocarcinoma---A Report of 11 Cases
WANG Zhen-Xia ,JIA Qian-Bin, YAN Lu-Nan ,et al.
Transabdominal Radical Nephrectomy for Renal Cell Carcinoma: an Experience on 155 Patients
CHEN Xiao-Feng, ZHOU Fang-Jian, HAN Hui ,et al.
Sentinel Lymph Node Radiolocalization in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Tongue
WANG Shun-Lan, GUO Zhu-Ming, ZHANG Quan ,et al.
Influence of Perioperative Hypertension on Postoperative Cardiovascular Complications in Chest Cancer Patients
WANG Yong-Nan, LONG Hao ,LIN Peng ,et al.
Expression of Epithelial Cadherin in Early Gastric Cancer and Its Correlation to Lymph Node Micrometastasis and Clinicopathologic Features
LIU Jin, CAI Jian-Hui, YAN Qing-Hui,et al.
Expression and Clinical Significance of Survivin and Livin in Dukes’B Colorectal Cancer
LI Jun-He, HE Wen-Jing, HE You-Jian
Individualization of Transrectal Ultrasonograhpy-guided Prostate Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Detection
LIANG Hui, QIU Shao-Peng, ZHENG Ke-Li,et al.
Functions of Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (Syk) Gene and Its Correlation to Neoplasms
WANG Hua-Yi ,ZHANG Zhao-Xiang

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