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Volume 35 Issue 6

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From January 2002

1 Cell-free circulating tumor DNA in cancer
     Zhen Qin, Vladimir A. Ljubimov, Cuiqi Zhou, Yunguang Tong and Jimin Liang
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-5   Downloaded: 881
2 Altered expression of stromal interaction molecule (STIM)-calcium release-activated calcium channel protein (ORAI) and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors (IP3Rs) in cancer: will they become a new battlefield for oncotherapy?
     Jing Wen, Ying-Cheng Huang, Huan-Huan Xiu, Zhi-Ming Shan and Kang-Qing Xu
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-5   Downloaded: 495
3 Long-term outcomes of a phase II randomized controlled trial comparing intensity-modulated radiotherapy with or without weekly cisplatin for the treatment of locally recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma
     Ying Guan, Shuai Liu, Han-Yu Wang, Ying Guo, Wei-Wei Xiao, Chun-Yan Chen, Chong Zhao, Tai-Xiang Lu and Fei Han
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-4   Downloaded: 314
4 Co-infection of Epstein-Barr virus and human papillomavirus in human tumorigenesis
     Ying Shi, Song-Ling Peng, Li-Fang Yang, Xue Chen, Yong-Guang Tao and Ya Cao
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-3   Downloaded: 384
5 Mechanisms of vascularization in murine models of primary and metastatic tumor growth
     Edina Bugyik, Ferenc Renyi-Vamos, Vanessza Szabo, Katalin Dezso, Nora Ecker, Andras Rokusz, Peter Nagy, Balazs Dome and Sandor Paku
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-2   Downloaded: 643
6 Why some tumours trigger neovascularisation and others don’t: the story thus far
     Omanma Adighibe, Russell D. Leek, Marta Fernandez-Mercado, Jiangting Hu, Cameron Snell, Kevin C. Gatter, Adrian L. Harris and Francesco Pezzella
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-2   Downloaded: 325
7 Revisiting tumor angiogenesis: vessel co-option, vessel remodeling, and cancer cell-derived vasculature formation
     Chao-Nan Qian, Min-Han Tan, Jun-Ping Yang and Yun Cao
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-2   Downloaded: 397
8 Comparisons of biophysical properties and bioactivities of mono-PEGylated endostatin and an endostatin analog
     Shan Wang, Yan Fu and Yongzhang Luo
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-2   Downloaded: 330
9 Future options of anti-angiogenic cancer therapy
     Yihai Cao
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2016-2   Downloaded: 324

1 Recent progress in nanotechnology for cancer therapy
     Mu-Fei Tang, Lei Lei, Sheng-Rong Guo, Wen-Lin Huang
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2010-9   Downloaded: 11874
2 Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP/ABCG2): its role in multidrug resistance and regulation of its gene expression
     Takeo Nakan