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Chinese Journal of Cancer连续三年入选“中国最具国际影响力学术期刊”

The 4th Guangzhou International Symposium on Oncology Held

"China's Tu Youyou among trio to win Nobel Medicine Prize

The Chinese Journal of Cancer congratulates Dr. Youyou Tu for winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her tremendous contribution in saving millions of lives from malaria. This is a history making event that marks the first Nobel Prize won by a Chinese scientist in China.

We are pleased to announce that the first Impact Factor of CJC is 2.155

U.S. Chinese Anti-Cancer Association-Asia Fund for Cancer Research 2015 Scholar Awards


Postdoctoral Positions for 2015 of Collaborative Innovative Center for Cancer Medicine and Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center   中文版 

The US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the National Foundation for Cancer Research recognize five young Chinese investigators with the 2014 USCACA-NFCR Scholar Awards

The New Horizons in Cancer Research Conference of AACR ended successfully in Shanghai

The Chinese Journal of Cancer is indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI) Expanded

Four outstanding young Chinese scientists received the 2013 Scholar Award from the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the National Foundation for Cancer Research

CJC wins the title of the 2012' Excellent International Impact Academic Journal of China

Special Feature: Five outstanding young Chinese scholars received the Third Scholar Award from the Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR) and the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (USCACA)

Our associate editor in the main stream journal news!

Awards to the Chinese Journal of Cancer in 2010-2013

NFCR and USCACA Present Five Chinese Researchers with Scholar Excellence Award

Special Feature: Outstanding young Chinese scholars making an impact in the US and China: a joint award program of the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the US National Foundation for Cancer Research

Feature: Gregory N. Fuller, our Editorial Board Member, elected President of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)

The Chinese Journal of Cancer welcomes Drs. James Jabbur and Jheri Dupart as English Copy-Editors

The Chinese Journal of Cancer has formed a partnership with the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (USCACA). A series of new features including Targeted Cancer Therapeutics, Cancer Signaling, Systems Biology of Cancer, and Mouse Models for Cancer Research will appear in 2011.

1 Secular trend analysis of lung cancer incidence in Sihui city, China between 1987 and 2011
     Jin-Lin Du, Xiao Lin, Li-Fang Zhang, Yan-Hua Li, Shang-Hang Xie, Meng-Jie Yang, Jie Guo, Er-Hong Lin, Qing Liu, Ming-Huang Hong, Qi-Hong Huang, Zheng-Er Liao and Su-Mei Cao
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-8   Downloaded: 564
2 Elevated peripheral blood lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio predicts a favorable prognosis in the patients with metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma
     Rou Jiang, Xiu-Yu Cai, Zhong-Han Yang, Yue Yan, Xiong Zou, Ling Guo, Rui Sun, Dong-Hua Luo, Qiu-Yan Chen, Pei-Yu Huang, Yan-Qun Xiang, Xing Lu, Lin Wang, Wei-Xiong Xia, Hai-Qiang Mai and Ming-Yuan Chen
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-6   Downloaded: 807
3 Hepatitis B virus reactivation and hepatitis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients with resolved hepatitis B receiving rituximab-containing chemotherapy: risk factors and survival
     Kai-Lin Chen, Jie Chen, Hui-Lan Rao, Ying Guo, Hui-Qiang Huang, Liang Zhang, Jian-Yong Shao, Tong-Yu Lin, Wen-Qi Jiang, De-Hui Zou, Li-Yang Hu, Michael Lucas Wirian and Qing-Qing Cai
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-5   Downloaded: 671
4 Pharmacogenomics of EGFR-targeted therapies in non-small cell lung cancer: EGFR and beyond
     Christopher Delaney,Samuel Frank and R Stephanie Huang
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-4   Downloaded: 914
5 ATP-binding cassette subfamily B member 1 (ABCB1) and subfamily C member 10 (ABCC10) are not primary resistance factors for cabazitaxel
     Rishil J Kathawala, Yi-Jun Wang, Suneet Shukla, Yun-Kai Zhang, Saeed Alqahtani, Amal Kaddoumi, Suresh V Ambudkar, Charles R Ashby and Zhe-Sheng Chen
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-3   Downloaded: 679
6 Use of subsequent PET/CT in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients in complete remission following primary therapy
     Xu Zhang, Wei Fan, Zhong-Jun Xia, Ying-Ying Hu, Xiao-Ping Lin, Ya-Rui Zhang, Zhi-Ming Li, Pei-Yan Liang, Yuan-Hua Li
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-2   Downloaded: 888
7 Toxic epidermal necrolysis related to AP (pemetrexed plus cisplatin) and gefitinib combination therapy in a patient with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
     Ji-Jie Huang, Shu-Xiang Ma, Xue Hou, Zhao Wang, Yin-Duo Zeng, Tao Qin, Xiao-Xiao Dinglin, Li-Kun Chen
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-2   Downloaded: 795
8 Pathobiology of ovarian carcinomas
     Mojgan Devouassoux-Shisheboran, Catherine Genestie
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-1   Downloaded: 1293
9 Ovarian cancer: a molecularly insidious disease
     Delia Mezzanzanica
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-1   Downloaded: 1775
10 The PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway in ovarian cancer: therapeutic opportunities and challenges
     Bianca Cheaib, Aurélie Auguste, Alexandra Leary
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-1   Downloaded: 1844
11 Ovarian cancer standard of care: are there real alternatives?
     Chiara Della Pepa, Giuseppe Tonini, Carmela Pisano, Marilena Di Napoli, Sabrina Chiara Cecere, Rosa Tambaro, Gaetano Facchini, Sando Pignata
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-1   Downloaded: 2122
12 Key nodes of a microRNA network associated with the integrated mesenchymal subtype of high-grade serous ovarian cancer
     Yan Sun, Fei Guo, Marina Bagnoli, Feng-Xia Xue, Bao-Cun Sun, Ilya Shmulevich, Delia Mezzanzanica, Ke-Xin Chen, Anil K. Sood, Da Yang, Wei Zhang
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-1   Downloaded: 1360
13 Trabectedin therapy as an emerging treatment strategy for recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer
     José Antonio López-Guerrero, Ignacio Romero, Andrés Poveda
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2015-1   Downloaded: 2790
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1 Recent progress in nanotechnology for cancer therapy
     Mu-Fei Tang, Lei Lei, Sheng-Rong Guo, Wen-Lin Huang
     [ Abstract ] [ PDF Full-text ] [ PubMed]   2010-9   Downloaded: 11011